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Shilps Dexter TM Platform is uniquely suited for
getting you the rare cells you want

Accelerating Discovery And Development Of
Cancer Immunotherapy

Finding the rights cells is like looking for a needle in a haystack

For cell based pharmaceuticals, whether its cell therapies or biopharmaceuticals, getting the right cell is crucial.

Our patented platform enables massively parallel functional interrogation of thousands of single cells - so that biologists can do what they are best at doing.

We find the rare cells that work for novel therapeutics .

Cell Therapy

Screen Single T Cells Natural Killer Cells For Cytotoxicity
And Cytokines

Can I link killing action to specific Cytokine secreting T-Cells

Which of the T-cells are most effective in killing target cells

Do cell surface proteins or gene expression have a bearing on killing effectiveness

Cell-Cell / Cell-Bead interaction through imaging

(Top) LN18 cells - brightfield & fluorescence. Hoechst 33342 dye for nuclear staining shows membrane compromise after treatment. (Bottom) Fluorescence on beads is used to measure cell secretion/binding in nano-wells.

Antibody Discovery

Find And Retrieve B Cells Or Hybridomas Of Interest
Through Accelerated High Throughput Screening

Which B Cells are secreting antibodies of interest ?

Can I use competitive binding assays at the single cell level for specific target proteins

Which methods allow me to retrieve chosen B Cells with the highest antigen specificity

Fluorescence assays to identify cells that produce antibodies

Harnessing The Cellular Machinery To Transform Industries

Finding The Right Cells For Synthetic Biology Applications

For the Synthetic Biology Industry, whether it is bio enzymes, biofuels, lab grown meat or alternatives to plastic, the process starts with engineering cells.

Our cell screening platform helps find cells that work.

Cell Line Development

Generating Stable Monoclonal Cell Lines With The Desired Characteristics And Production Yield

How do I identify single cells that demonstrate the highest expression of a transfected gene insert.

How do I conduct a high throughput screening off cells for for successful stable transfection.

Which methods allow me to retrieve chosen live single cells and expand them for downstream processes.

Secretion Analysis in Nanowells

The Technology Behind, Powered By AI

  • Microfluidic Chip
    featuring nanometer precision

  • Nanoliter Droplets
    encapsulating a single cell

  • Droplet Sorting
    for single cells

  • Array of Droplets
    lodged in a co-ordinate identified nano-well

Microfluidics is all about motion. Nesting cells for long term assays is non-trivial. We create a spatially defined addressable array of micro-droplets lodged in nano-wells. The nano-wells on our chip are physically separate to prevent any cross talk. Our open droplet technology allows for ultra fast automated retrieval of selected cells. AI, Machine Learning and Cloud first approach to Single cell data analysis.

Innovating together

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